Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri is a respected Nigerian author and social media influencer. who sparks strong reactions in Nigeria. Whether you see him as a passionate advocate or a fiery critic, there’s no doubt he’s a prominent voice in the country’s political and religious landscape.

on the 30th march 2024, Reno Omokri wrote on he’s Facebook timeline 7 knowledgeable keys to success, which reads below.

  1. Nobody on Earth needs a new car. Absolutely nobody. What you need is a reliable car. Except it is an antique car, buying a new car is the worst investment you can make. The moment you drive it out of the dealership, 15% of its value is gone. Spend money better!.
  2. Nobody but a fool buys designer clothes with money that they work for. They are called luxury goods for a reason. The reason is because you are not going to spend your income on them. You are rather spend only money from your assets on them! You should not be purchasing any luxuries when you have not finished buying your necessities.
  3. Your purchases either build wealth for you or create wealth for others. That’s why, after spending on your necessities, you should spend the rest of your salary or income on investments like Shares, Crypto, Gold ETF, REITs, Mutual Funds, Growth Stocks, blue-chip Chip Stocks, Index Funds, etc. Build wealth for your good health!.
  4. The owners of Gucci, Armani and Louis Vuitton are already billionaires. You are not a billionaire. You are not a millionaire. You are not even worth $100,000. They don’t need your money. You need your money more than them. Invest in your future, not their future!.
  5. According to Ramsey Solutions, only 21% of millionaires inherited their money, 79% created their wealth. How did they do it? The world is divided broadly into producers and consumers. The more you are into production, the more millions will be into you! Read the biographies of self-made billionaires and shorten your learning curve.
  6. Don’t be too proud for side hustles, as long as they put money in your pocket. On your way to and from work, take Uber. If you have spare rooms in your house, do Airbnb. On your days off, do YouTube. Invest in productive habits, not consumptive ones.
  7. The reason it is called active income is because you have to ACT to make that income. It is not called faith income. So, you should not pray and sit down. Pray and act. Faith is a verb. Your faith only becomes functional when you work it! Go and work!#RenosNuggets

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