A Nigerian lady who sells akara and other fried foods said she has added N250k to her business and also disclosed how she got the money,

The lady said she was given N250k to use and buy an expensive wig for herself, but she decided to add it to her business In a video she posted, she was seen dancing close to the yams and other items she had bought at her business place .

A Lady said the money given to her to use and buy an expensive wig has been added to her business.

Instead of buying the wig, the lady who fries Akara by the roadside said she used it to buy tubers of yam and other things for her business.

She wrote:

“N250k was given to you for wig, you decided to use it to buy your goods. In two weeks’ time, the money will multiply. Then, you will buy the wig and still have extra N250k.”

A lot of people who saw the video said she did the right thing and called her a wise woman.

Watch the video below:

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