Over the last 24 hours, the news about the boat mishap that took the life of fast-rising Nollywood actor John Paul Odonwodo, aka Junior Pope, has thrown the Nigerian movie industry into a state of mourning.

Pope is regarded as one of the fastest-growing actors and filmmakers in the Asaba division of the Nigerian movie industry.

According to the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, apart from Junior Pope, three other bodies have been recovered from the river.

However, more reports have emerged revealing that three more people are still missing from the 15 lives that embarked on the journey.

Identities of other crew members still missing

According to a post shared online by movie producer Stanley Ontop, the makeup artist and the sound engineer are still missing. He also revealed that another person was still missing, but he couldn’t confirm his identity. In his post, Stanley wrote that crew members’ lives matter and should be given equal attention as Junior Pope got. The movie producer posted the photos of the missing persons on his page.

See the photos of the missing persons below:

Here’s another post revealing the full list of names on boat mishap:

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